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Equipment can account for a considerable amount of your whole budget. That’s why it’s a wise idea to consider renting instead of buying, especially for short gigs. Or when travelling from gig to gig for one, you get the advantage of having the right tools for a matched job.

Many other costs and usability factors determine how you should acquire your tools. Some advantages of renting equipment include:

Tax Breaks

DJ rental equipment is a deductible tax item, while purchasing is subject to a depreciating tax rate. Rental equipment expenses are also more flexible.

Moreover, they are not subject to large corporate taxes. Such tax deductions are also refundable. This frees up more money for projects in the future, or they can reflect in your company’s profit statement.

Avoiding Transportation and Storage Costs in Entertainment Events

The last thing any DJ wants is for their shiny new equipment to sit in the bump and dusty place when not in use. Such methods of storage degrade the quality of the equipment. You need the most reliable DJ equipment for an event.


We live in an age of stringent public safety and environmental protection laws. Your company can find itself paying stiff penalties for not complying with such requirements. It’s not always possible to acquire the latest equipment because of the cost and logistical factors. Therefore, opting for rental equipment that meets compliance standards can be a way to increase your compliance.

Rental Equipment Can Give You a Competitive Edge

Competing with large clubs and entertainment companies for well-paying jobs can be difficult. Such firms have all the money to splurge on the best DJ equipment. You would have a hard time competing for the same jobs with your old rusty equipment. DJ Rental equipment can be leveraged into an advantage that can help you bid for the same gigs as the big boys.