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Long gone are the days when all a DJ had to do was know the latest music and mix it to a matching tempo. The clubbing crowd in Toronto has grown in size and taste. These days DJs have to be masterful manipulators of crowd moods. They also have to coordinate the music and entertainment for an event.

As a DJ, the crowd expects you to mirror their mood while giving them something groovy as they dance. This may sound like an impossible challenge. The truth is that it is a big challenge but you can improve your skills and hit the mark every time with the following tips:

Plan Your Session Before the Gig

Practice makes perfect. However, many DJs fail because they depend solely on their talent and equipment to see them through gigs. If you want to move the clubbing crowd in Toronto, you need to practice days ahead of your event. This doesn’t mean creating a pre-arranged set but brainstorming a few ideas on the decks so you can have a contingency for any time there’s a lull in the crowd’s mood.

Be Flexible

Aside from the vibrant party and clubbing scene, Toronto has a wide variety of lucrative opportunities for DJs. You can also provide entertainment for birthday parties, Bat mitzvahs, weddings and any event with a crowd.

DJ work may entail specializing in a particular genre of music, but you should diversify your music collection. With such diverse sound, you capture many types of gigs, thereby improving your market share and profits

Invest In A Midi Controller

You can indeed survive as a DJ with just a laptop and the music on your hard drive. But a midi controller gives you better control over track selection tempo modulation and other factors. Plus, you look cooler behind those decks. Investing in a midi controller or even renting one is a sure-fire way to improve your DJ skills.